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  1. IT'S DONE!

    We are happy to inform that we finally get the mother-CD for our second album Just-World Hypothesis. Eight premiere tracks with over 36 minutes of our newly written music. The premiere will take place on fall of July and August. The album is already in manufacturing process. Since we are looking for label interest in our music we will release limited amount of copies for those who would like to support us. We are also preparing the video for the last track from the album called Collision Course. It's already in final editing phase and we can't wait to show You guys !!! Merch will be available with the date of CD premiere - we are working on making the purchase of CD 's and other stuff as easy as possible worldwide. Stay tuned and support !

    Greetings Loki.

  2. Long play preproduction finished

    Time for the official statement on our upcoming recording session. We have just finished the pre-production of our second album. All the arrangements have already been completed and home-recorded for our working purposes. The album is already fully formulated and the material is waiting for the beginning of the recording session. Right now we are focused on adding the final flavors in the form of solos, orchestration, intros and that kind of crap. In brief - Undressing newly written songs by the prime factors . Much time was spent on collecting a decent hardware facility. The battle starts with proper drum kits, guitars, amps, effects modulation etc. For now on we can tell you guys that we will use over 8 very different guitars. From the old school low-gain Fender Telecaster through the original 70's Gibson Explorer to ultra-modern metal machines like a Schecter ATX. We rely our sound on 100% natural amplifiers such as the EVH 5150 III, Peavey's 5150, 6505, Mesa Boogie M-Pulse 600 and many others. No simulations, no midi samples, no bullshit. We are not interested in recording with equipment weighing less than 30kg each ; ).

    Recording session starts in July 27 on the recording of the drums. Drums, like the rest of the instruments will be recorded in Poznan in Aurora Studio in late July and August.

    What you can expect from the new album? Well…we are different band now than we were 3 years ago. When I joined the band in 2009, despite adding guitar solos, I had essentially no effect on the process of composition of the material that was already ready to burn. Time stood the final wording of our band. I'm sure many of you will be positively shocked by the progress we made though out this years. I hope it will be a positive surprise. This goal guided me for the past year - that this album would simply blow your fucking shoes off.

    PS. I would like to remind that our new material was refreshed and rearranged by our new drummer - Robert "Trebor" Melnicki, who joined our band in December 2012. He will be responsible for recording drums part of our album.

    Greetings Loki.

  3. EP album available online

    Time goes by really fast. Our debut EP mini-album called "Arising From A Shallow Grave" was recorded over three years ago from today. These last three years have brought many changes into our lives which have also affected the music written by us. We experienced many line-up changes and other difficulties which are constantly stopped our work. I wouldn't reveal anything unusual by saying that playing in a band is based on teamwork comparable to a family life. Speaking metaphorically, if a grandson is constantly stealing grandmothers income, it will be difficult to achieve something with this motherfucer on board. But that period is over and recently we were able to focus on writing new, more mature material - without technical limitations, without bullshit and nay saying. Therefore that we are finishing the writing process of the second full length album, we decided to share with you guys, our previous record online. It will be available in the MUSIC overlap, Youtube and Soundclound platforms. For those who prefer advantages of real, tangible assets of CD we have a good news too. It will be available to purchase via official merchandise of ours. Next, ground-breaking release is expected on late spring next year and will be for sure a milestone in the history of our music.

    Greetings, tripple sixes, titties, pentagrams, inverted crosses, ice capades /Loki

  4. Final Band Member

    We would like to proudly announce that after many unsuccessful auditions, we finally found the missing puzzle with the picture of a second guitarist. Grzegorz Globke (ex-Aurora-Aurora) took upon himself the obligation of solid riffage of doom. His guitar skills, commitment to work, ambition , approach to music and being-in-band-lifestyle totally convinced us from the beginning. Moreover, he is eating meat at Friday and which is totally what I bought . More ridiculously private information's (which he rather wouldn't publish) are located in an "about" section of the website.



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